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Why are bees famous?

Bees are most famous insect in the world because of there honey production ability and pollination. Bees pollination help our crops and flowers in growing.

Types of Bees

There are more than 25000 bee species in the world.

honey bee

carpenter bee

bumble bee

Mason bee

famous Bees

Honey bee is one of the most famous bee in the world Because they produce honey thats why everyone know about honey bee.

Wallace’s Giant The World Largest Bee.

The largest bee in the world is the Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto), also known as the Raja ofu, which ...
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List of Top 5 Aggressive Bees that Live in the Ground.

Aggressive bees can pose a serious threat to both humans and animals. It’s important to understand that not all bees ...
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Queen Bumble Bee: How Is It Different From Other bees?

Queen bumble bee are the foundation of a bumblebee colony. They are the largest members of the colony and are ...
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Osmia Avosetta: A Beautiful Mason Bee.

Osmia avosetta, also known as the Red Mason Bee, is a species of solitary bee that belongs to the family ...
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Colletes Bee Species Across the Globe.

Colletes bees are a fascinating group of bees that belong to the family Colletidae, commonly known as plasterer or polyester ...
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Anthidium Manicatum Biography.

Anthidium manicatum is a type of solitary bee that is commonly found in Europe, Asia, and North America. They are ...
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Osmia Atriventris: The Perfect Honeybees for Pollination

Osmia atriventris is a species of solitary bee belonging to the family Megachilidae. They are commonly known as mason bees, ...
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Osmia Lignaria Life Cycle: From Egg to Adult Bee

Osmia lignaria, commonly known as the blue orchard bee or orchard mason bee, is a solitary native bee species found ...
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How Long Does a Bee Sting Last? Duration of Bee Sting.

Bees are fascinating insects that play a crucial role in pollination and are vital to the ecosystem. However, they can ...
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How Many Bees are in the World? Significance of Their Populations

Bees are insects which are much more beneficial for our environment. All types of pollination are done by bees in ...
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