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Why are bees famous?

Bees are most famous insect in the world because of there honey production ability and pollination. Bees pollination help our crops and flowers in growing.

Types of Bees

There are more than 25000 bee species in the world.

honey bee

carpenter bee

bumble bee

Mason bee

famous Bees

Honey bee is one of the most famous bee in the world Because they produce honey thats why everyone know about honey bee.

How many Bees are in the world? Significance of Their Populations

According to research there are 90 to 100 million beehives in the world with according to 1 to 8 trillion ...
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Bee Sting Vs Wasp Sting: Which is dangerous?

If we see the difference between bees and wasps, we only see the body difference. Still, there are many differences, ...
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Bees in Roof. How to Protect Roof from Bees?

It is not uncommon for honeybees to build nests in Roof, walls, or other protected spaces when it comes to ...
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How To Get Rid of Bees Natural Ways.

Beekeepers use smoke to get Rid of bees. It means smoke is not harmful to bees. Beekeepers use bee smokers ...
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Can Bees Fly in the Rain. Effect of Rain on Bees.

Yes, bees can fly in the rain, but bees cannot do so for several reasons. Bees can not like the ...
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How do Bees Make Wax? Benefits of Beeswax.

What is Beeswax? Beeswax is an organic compound produced by bees that are used to store honey. Just Bees wax ...
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Honey Making Bees: The Secret to Sweet Success.

Honey Making bees are those bees that produce honey. There are 24,000 species of bees worldwide, but not all species ...
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Do Bees have Tongus? Length of Bee Tongue.

Do bees have tongues? Yes, bees have tongues in their mouths. We cannot see bees’ tongues with our naked eye, ...
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Types of Bee Nests: The Surprising Diversity of Honey Bee Hives

There are two types of bee nests: one is a hive, and the second is a natural nest created by ...
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Types of Bee Antennae: Functions, Anatomy and Importance.

Bees, known for their vital role in pollination and honey production, possess intricate antennae that play a crucial role in ...
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